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Vision Therapy

Vision is a complicated function. Many have seen the simplified format of "the eye as a camera", capturing an image, and sending it to the brain. But there is much more to it than that. Light enters the eyes, causing an electrical impulse to be sent to the brain through 2 channels (right and left). The brain then takes these, and melds them with other impulses from the body (positioning, height, movement). It then adds in previous experiences with what is being seen (it's an apple, a car, a dog). All put together, vision emerges to answer the questions: where am I, where is it, what is it, how do I react to it?

If at any time there is a discrepancy in the signals, then discomfort and blur can ensue. This is most often seen in high demand visual tasks, such as reading. Not only do the eyes have to align properly on the words, they must track together, and keep things in focus. If any of this is out of line, then we spend most of our energy just trying to work out the words, and lose the meaning of the text.

Glasses may help in some instances. However, there are times where the visual system has developed bad habits to compensate for the visual stress and then becomes inefficient. This results in headaches, eyestrain, double vision, fatigue at the end of the day, just to name a few. Vision therapy is a process done to retrain the visual system to work properly, thus alleviating these symptoms. Think of it as physiotherapy for the eyes.

Things we can help with vision therapy

  • myopia control
  • reading problems at work/school, even though the vision is 20/20 (this is especially important for children who are being assessed for learning disabilities-many times it's a visual problem that's the cause)
  • lazy eyes (amblyopia), and eyeturns (strabismus). We retrain the visual channels that are not working together, gaining balance and stability from both eyes.
  • eye-hand coordination problems
  • laterality issues (mixes up right and left)
  • traumatic brain injury/concussion

Signs that you may have an eye muscle/focussing problem

  • intermittent blurred vision, especially with near tasks
  • getting tired, or falling asleep when reading or working on the computer
  • losing concentration while reading
  • double vision
  • closing one eye while reading
  • words run together when reading
  • skipping or repeating lines
  • blurred vision when looking up from reading material
  • headaches with prolonged reading
  • you feel like the eyes aren't working together


Not all optometrists can test for and/or treat these abnormalities. Dr. Kim Lalonde is qualified to assess and run the vision therapy programs available in the office. If you feel that you could benefit from therapy, or would like a second opinion, give the office a call and book an initial assessment. We'll be happy to discuss your options with you to get your best vision for your best life.


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2 year Warranty:
When you purchase eyewear from Barrie Vision Centre, you can be sure it is the finest quality available. All of our high quality eyewear is under warranty for two years from the date of purchase. If your frames break under normal wearing conditions, we will repair or replace them free of charge. Our lens treatments are the hardest, most durable surface protection available. However, any lens (including glass) can scratch or break. Please follow the recommended procedures for care and cleaning. Replacement of plastic lenses purchased with scratch resistant coating is limited to once in a 24 month period. Lens replacement must be the original prescription. This warranty does not cover loss, theft, or hairline scratches which have no effect on vision.


Guaranteed Satisfaction:
We know you depend on your glasses to maintain your desired quality of life. This includes how you see as well as how you look.  

If you are not happy with the fit, comfort, style or colour of your eyewear, we will be happy to change them for you.  

IF FOR ANY REASON, you are not happy with your eyewear, please bring them back to us and we will change them to meet your expectations.

Your total satisfaction is our utmost concern, and we're serious about assuring it.


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